Issouf Soumaré

Prof. Issouf SOUMARÉ is specialized in risk management and financial engineering. Dr. SOUMARÉ is currently the Director of International Relations of the Faculty of Business Administration at Université Laval in Canada. He is also Managing Director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering of Université Laval. He is the University’s academic advisor for the MSc and MBA programs in finance and real estate. In 2011-2012, he was the Director of the PhD and MSc research programs of the Business School. He worked for the African Development Bank (ADB) at the former Risk Management Unit from 1996 to 1998. His research and teaching interests include risk management, financial engineering and numerical methods in finance. Prof. SOUMARÉ is co-authored of two best-selling books in risk management and financial engineering « Simulations Stochastiques et Applications en Finance avec Programmes Matlab » published by Economica and « Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with Matlab Programs » published by Wiley. Also, his theoretical and applied financial economic works have been published in leading international economics and finance journals. Prof. SOUMARÉ holds a PhD in Business Administration in Finance from the University of British Columbia (Canada), MSc in Financial Engineering from Université Laval (Canada), MSc in Statistics and Quantitative Economics (Ingénieur Statisticien Économiste) from ENSEA and MSc & BSc in Applied Mathematics from the National University of Côte d’Ivoire. Prof. SOUMARÉ is also a certified PRM (Professional Risk Manager) and FRM (Financial Risk Manager). He is ASC (Chartered Director) from the College des Administrateurs de Sociétés (Directors’ College) of Université Laval.

Actual research interests

  • Risk management; international finance; financial engineering; quantitative methods in finance.