Jean-Philippe Charron

Jean-Philippe Charron is Full Professor at the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering of Polytechnique Montreal and was head of the Group for Research in Structural Engineering (2013-2017). He completed a PhD at Laval University (Canada) on early-age behavior of concrete and cracking mitigation in 2002 and a post-doc at EPFL (Switzerland) on the rehabilitation of infrastructures with ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concretes (UHPFRC) in 2004. Since 2004, Prof. Charron is professor in Civil Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal. He is supervising research projects on the durability of concrete, the development of self-healing and self-healing concretes, development of HPFRC and UHPFRC and their characterization, and the design and repair of bridges with these concretes. Since 2007, Prof. Charron is leading major industrial research projects involving major bridge owners in Quebec (Quebec Ministry of Transportation, City of Montréal, PJCCI – Federal Bridges, St-Lawrence Seaway) and fifteen private companies on the development of new bridge components and bridge repairs with high and ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concretes (HPFRC and UHPFRC). His research projects are funded by several Canadian granting agencies (NSERC, FRQNT, CFI et MITACS). Prof. Charron is member of ACI Committees 239 on UHPFRC and 544 on FRC, he is also involved in the development of the Canadian Bridge Design Code. Finally, Prof. Charron is the designer of the prefabricated slab in UHPFRC of the Isabey-Darnley bridge in Montreal and participates in other implementation projects of UHPFRC on structures in Quebec.

Actual research interests

  • Research interests of Prof. Charron concerns firstly the development and characterization of the properties of innovative concretes such as fiber-reinforced concretes, ultra-high performance concretes, self-healing concretes and concretes with nanoparticles. Secondly, the prof. Charron is involved in the design and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures using these innovative concretes. Finally, the prof. Charron is working on the durability of cracked reinforced concrete structures, in particular using permeability, absorption and diffusion measurements correlated with the damage state of concrete microstructure.