Laboratories / Université de Sherbrooke

Structures hall

This infrastructure is equipped with a 10-m wide by 20-m long structural slab, a 6-m high reaction wall, hydraulic jacks (capacity of 100 to 2000 kN) for static and dynamic loading, as well as data acquisition systems.

Full-scale concrete element manufacturing laboratory

This external laboratory provides installations to prepare formwork, install instrumented reinforcement, cast elements delivered by commercial concrete mixer trucks and cure reinforced concrete under controlled conditions.

Integrated research laboratory on materials valorization and innovative sustainable structures

This CFI-funded, 4000-m2 laboratory includes environmental chambers, one 200-m2 structural slab, an 11.4-MN hydraulic press, two 15-m high L-shaped reaction walls, hydraulic jacks used for static and dynamic loading, and one 0.5-m3 automatic concrete plant. Equipment for measuring concrete thermal properties has been available since 2018.