Ahmed Soliman

Dr. Soliman joined the Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University as an Assistant Professor in 2016. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Western University, Canada (2011), followed by four years as Postdoctoral Fellow, during this period he was involved in a multi-disciplinary research focusing on the innovation of new construction materials using industrial wastes. He pioneered self-accelerated reactive concrete and self-restraining shrinkage materials. In 2018, Dr. Soliman and his partners had a Canadian Patent on converting Oil Sands Waste to green construction materials for Geotechnical applications. Dr. Soliman is also a member in ACI committee 231, ACI committee 236, ACI committee 555. He has published over 45 articles in top international journals and has given many oral and poster presentations at international conferences.

Intérêts actuels en recherche

  • Dr. Ahmed Soliman specializes in green and smart constructional materials. He has experimental and analytical research expertise in the areas of: fresh and hardened properties of concrete, concrete technology, structural performance of special concretes, smart and nano-modified construction materials, alkali activated materials, intelligence-based prediction models, performance-based testing techniques, embodied energy of construction materials, and recycling industrial wastes/by-products in construction applications.