Mission & priorities

The mission of the CRIB is to innovate scientifically and technologically for the purpose of developing high-performing, durable and multipurpose concrete infrastructure with minimal ecological and energy footprints while aiming to achieve a maximum performance/investment ratio

It's strategic vision consists in applying these scientific and technological advances to contribute significantly to the development of our society in accordance with the six priorities of the CRIB's mission: 1-Tomorrow's cities; 2-Smart concrete infrastructure; 3-The development of low environmental impact eco-concrete; 4-Innovative and integrated design and construction approaches; 5-The adaptation of civil construction to climate change; 6-The sustainable management and stabilization of industrial and mining backfills and wastes.

The CRIB will continue its vital role in training highly qualified transdisciplinary specialists prepared to deal with the new technological, economic and environmental issues facing the construction industry in Québec

Recent Achievements